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(ARA) - There are all types of "weekend warriors." Perhaps you overdid it raking the leaves or cleaning up the garden. Maybe you played flag football with the family. Or you decided this is the time to finally start getting in shape. Any increase in activity or tackling a new one, can lead to aches and pains.

Usually these twinges and twangs don't signal serious problems. But they can be seriously aggravating. Here are some tips on how to avoid (and if necessary), treat weekend warrior woes.

* Ease into activities. If you haven't exercised for a few months or longer, start slowly and build up to longer, more strenuous activities.

* Take household projects step by step. Trying to till an entire garden or chop a winter's worth of wood in one weekend is sure to result in sore muscles. Plan ahead so you have time to spread household tasks over a few weekends if necessary.

* Use the right equipment. For yard work, look for ergonomically designed tools. Make sure your exercise gear is right for you - do your running shoes fit properly, is your bike the right size?

* Take a break. If you feel like you're overexerting yourself, stop and take a break, or quit the activity for the day.

* If you overdo it, cold therapy is recommended for muscle inflammation.

Your choices for cold therapy are ice packs or topical pain relief. But keeping an ice pack on a sore elbow during daily activities isn't always practical, and topical pain relief formulas often have a medicinal smell and produce extreme sensations of cold, which many consumers do not like.

A new topical pain reliever called Medic Ice provides four hours or more of relief, with no medicinal smell. "It was developed with input from athletes, arthritis sufferers, chiropractors, physical therapists, patients and acupuncturists," says Devon Katzev, president of Straight Arrow Products Inc., the company that manufactures Medic Ice. "Their input has allowed us to formulate a proprietary blend of healing ingredients, natural herbals, essential oils and key minerals combined in a hydro-gel based formula," he explains.

Medic Ice targets pain receptors and soothes aching muscles. The gentle, calming formula has a pleasant menthol and lavender scent, glides on easily and is quickly absorbed. "You get a soothing sense of relief, instead of a jolt of cold," says Katzev. It is available in multiple sizes, including a new, unique hands free applicator. Since hands stay clean and dry, you apply it before physical activity so muscles are relaxed and less prone to injury.

"Straight Arrow Products is a family-owned company that started out in 1970," notes Katzev. "My father invented Mineral Ice, and I have always been interested in developing the next generation of topical pain relief. I have drawn on my family's experience to do that with Medic Ice."

No matter what kind of weekend warrior you are, Medic Ice can help soothe tired, sore muscles and provide relief from aches and pains. For more information, visit; you can purchase Medic Ice through your local professional practitioners' office.

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